XII Darmstadt International Chopin Piano Competition 2022 (English)


21.10.2022 – 31.10.2022


Competition in 3 rounds. Works exclusively by Fryderyk Chopin:

  • Works for piano solo
  • Works for piano and orchestra (Concertos in E minor op. 11 and F minor op. 21, Krakowiak in F major op. 14, Fantasy on Polish Airs in A major op. 13)
  • Improvisation on a given theme (optional)



€ 30.000, plus concert engagements

 Taxes may be withheld from the prize money as required by German law.



Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen,  Frankfurt a.M.

Sparkasse Darmstadt

City of Darmstadt

Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain

Merck’sche Gesellschaft für Kunst und Wissenschaft e.V.

State of Hessen

Entega Stiftung





To be performed from memory in any chosen order, except for the études and mazurkas, which should be performed as a set.


Any reliable edition of Chopin’s works is permitted, although we strongly recommend the National Edition (edited by Jan Ekier).


First Round (approx. 25 minutes)


  • Two études, one from each group (a, b) indicated below:


a) C major op. 10/1 b) A flat major op. 10/10
C sharp minor op. 10/4 E flat major op. 10/11
G flat major op. 10/5 F major op. 25/3
F major op. 10/8 E minor op. 25/5
C minor op. 10/12 G sharp minor op. 25/6
A minor op. 25/11 D flat major op. 25/8
C minor op. 25/12 B minor op. 25/10


  • One complete opus of mazurkas (free choice)


  • One of the following waltzes:

E-flat major op. 18

A flat major op. 34/1

A flat major op. 42

C sharp minor op. 64/2

A flat major op. 64/3

G flat major op. 70/1 (posth.)

E minor op. posth.


  • One of the following nocturnes:

B major op. 9/3

F sharp major op. 15/2

C sharp minor op. 27/1

D flat major op. 27/2

C minor op. 48/1

E flat major op. 55/2

B major op. 62/1

E major op. 62/2


  • Optional: Candidates in the first round may, in addition to the above, choose to improvise for a maximum of 5 minutes on a theme which will be given to them shortly before, on the same day. The improvisation is voluntary and no marks will be deducted for a poor attempt. It will be timed separately. A prize of € 500 will be awarded for the best improvisation.



Second Round (35 – 40 minutes. Play may be interrupted if the time limit is exceeded.)


  • One of the following pieces:

Ballade in G minor op. 23

Ballade in F major op. 38

Ballade in A flat major op. 47

Ballade in F minor op. 52

Allegro de Concert in A major op. 46

Fantasy in F minor op. 49

Barcarolle in F sharp major op. 60

Polonaise-Fantasy in A flat major op. 61

Scherzo in B minor op. 20

Scherzo B flat minor op. 31

Scherzo in C sharp minor op. 39

Scherzo in E major op. 54


  • One of the following pieces:

Impromptu in A flat major op. 29

Impromptu in F sharp major op. 36

Impromptu in G flat major op. 51

Boléro op. 19

Tarantella in A flat major op. 43

3 Nouvelles Etudes (F minor, A flat major and D flat major)


  • One of the following pieces:

Rondo in C minor op. 1

Rondeau à la Mazur in F major op. 5

Rondo in E flat major op. 16

Rondo in C major op. 73

Variations on “Là ci darem la mano“ in B flat major op. 2

Variations brillantes in B flat major op. 12

Movements 1 and  2 of the  Sonata in C minor op. 4 (Exposition in the 1st movement not to be repeated)

Movements  3 and 4 of the Sonata in C minor op. 4


  • One of the following polonaises:

E flat minor op. 26/2

C minor op. 40/2

D minor op. 71/1

B flat major op. 71/2

F minor op. 71/3

G sharp minor (posth.)

B flat minor (posth.)

G flat major (posth.)


  • If necessary, one or more pieces by Chopin of the candidate’s own choice, to ensure a total playing time of 35 – 40 minutes. No works played in the first Round may be repeated in the second Round.



Final Round


Concerto for piano and orchestra in F minor op. 21


Krakowiak (Grand Rondeau de concert)  in F major op. 14 with orchestra plus any one movement of the concerto for piano and orchestra in E minor op. 11


Fantasy on Polish Airs in A major op. 13 with orchestra plus any one movement of the concerto for piano and orchestra in E minor op. 11


About the repertoire

The guiding principle in the compilation of the repertoire was to include examples of works from different genres and periods of Chopin’s life, while placing strong emphasis on Chopin’s early works, such as the rondos and some early polonaises in the second round and op. 13 and 14 in the final round, these youthful and charming works being fine examples of the style brillant so undeservedly neglected on today’s concert platforms. Our decision in favour of the first sonata in C minor forced us to exclude from the repertoire the two famous sonatas in B minor and B-flat minor due to time limitations. This decision was not taken lightly.

The opportunity for improvisation in the first round should be seen as an incentive for young pianists to explore and develop this nowadays widely neglected art, of which Chopin was such a great master.





Friday, 21. October,  2022, 20:00 h

Orangerie, Bessunger Str. 44


COMPETITION IN 3 ROUNDS, open to the public

Saturday 22.10. to Sunday 30.10.2022

Orangerie, Bessunger Str. 44


Monday, 31.10.2022,  19:00 h

Orangerie, Bessunger Str. 44

Works for piano solo





Saturday,  22.10. to Tuesday, 25.10.2022,  Exact times to follow.

Orangerie, Bessunger Str. 44

Etudes, Mazurkas,  Waltzes, Nocturnes, Improvisations




Wednesday, 26.10. to Friday 28.10.2022,  Exact times to follow.

Orangerie, Bessunger Str. 44

Ballades, Scherzos, Impromptus, Polonaises etc.




Saturday, 29.10. and Sunday, 30.10.2022,  18:00-21:00 h

Orangerie, Bessunger Str. 44

Works for Piano and Orchestra by Chopin

Piano Concertos E minor, op. 11 and F minor, op. 21, Fantasy on Polish Airs op. 13, Krakowiak (Grand Rondeau de Concert) op. 14

The orchestral part will be performed by the Polish string quartet „Apollon Musagète Quartett“ and Slawomir Rozlach, double bass.



RULES 2022

The competition is open to pianists of all nationalities born on or after January 1st, 1992.

The application form should be completed in English or German and sent to:

Chopin-Gesellschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.

Kasinostrasse 3

D-64293 Darmstadt

or by E-Mail to:



to arrive no later than June 1st, 2022. The first 5 successful applicants will be offered free board and lodging with a host family in or near Darmstadt. Applications will be accepted from April 1st, 2022.


The application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Birth certificate or passport (photo-copy)
  • Curriculum vitae (max. 1 page A4) with details of musical career, prizes and awards etc.
  • Documents certifying musical studies (photo-copies)
  • 2 references with contact details (e.g. from your teacher/professor and an internationally recognized pianist/pedagogue/musician)
  • 2 recent portrait photographs showing candidate’s name on the back
  • Proof of payment of the entrance fee of €100, stating candidate’s name and “Competition 2022“,  made payable free of charge for the payee onto the following bank account of the Chopin-Gesellschaft:

Sparkasse Darmstadt

IBAN: DE97 5085 0150 0000 6019 34 (22 digits)


Download Application Form here

Incomplete documents cannot be accepted.


As the number of participants is limited, a committee will decide on admissions and the candidate will be informed accordingly by 30.6.2022  by e-mail. Candidates who are not accepted will receive reimbursement of their application fee. Candidates who withdraw from the competition – whenever and for whatever reason – cannot be reimbursed. They are specifically requested to inform the Chopin Society immediately of their withdrawal, so that other candidates can be accepted into the competition.


The competitors relinquish to the Chopin Society their rights on all performances of works performed during the competition and prizewinners‘ concert, for recording by whatever method available or transmission by radio, TV or internet or any other method deemed appropriate.


Prizewinners  who refuse to participate in the prizewinners‘ concert forfeit their claim to the prize money. In the event of illness a doctor’s certificate is required.


The jury consists of prominent German and foreign musicians  invited by the Chopin Society. The candidates‘ performances are evaluated according to the jury’s rules and a system of classification by points. The decisions of the jury are final and incontestable.


The Chopin Society will provide practice facilities for all candidates.


Candidates are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. If requested, the Chopin Society can help with suggestions for suitable hotel accommodation.





The jury for the 2022 competition will consist of Kevin Kenner (USA, Chair), Katarzyna Popowa-Zydron (BUL/PL), Dina Yoffe (LET), Alexander Kobrin (USA), Christopher Elton (GB), Martin Kasik (CZ), Sabine Simon (D), Aleksandra Mikulska (PL/D).